About Inspired Pretties


Welcome to Inspired Pretties where my love for all things pretty lead to the creation of my home based business...

Actually to be more precise it was my love for nail art! After discovering nail decals I decided I wanted to create my own which lead me to research and then the purchase of the required equipment.

Surprisingly nearly 3 years later I have yet to make one thing for my nails.. but.. I have purchased many more pieces of equipment and done countless hours of research and trial and error projects and have since learned to make a lot of other cool items which I hope you'll also enjoy.


I started Inspired Pretties by advertising on Facebook then I moved forward and opened an Etsy store (both of which are still operational and linked at the bottom of the page) now I thought I'd branch out into the unknown and try a stand alone website....yes it is scary! haha.


Everything is personalised by hand by me and I make sure I'd be happy to purchase something before I send it out. They say we are our own worst critics and boy did they get that right! I usually pick at things others can't even see haha.


Anyway I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and if I can help with anything please let me know. Also check out the Useful Info links located at the bottom of all pages as they may answer any questions you have.


Oh I nearly forgot! I will also be adding a blog which will show behind the scenes peeks at how items are made among other things so stay tuned!


Bec xx